Food photography course

I want to improve my photography as much as my cooking. Nika, from Nikas Culinaria and Curt from Bucky’s Barbecue and Bread have teamed up to develop an on-line course on food photography. The first lesson is up and it starts from the basics.

Something apparently simple, as adding light to a scene with a flash can be tricky. A pile of almonds may be well lit, but the crannies and the background may be dark. Our brain is not fooled by the mostly well lit image and associates the image with what it would see at night with a good flashlight. The brain then thinks of the situation as dark.

I often admire the well lit images on the web and wonder if they are produced with multiple artificial light sources or a light tent. I need to take twenty to thirty shots before I get a reasonable (forget good) shot. I need the course.