Ideas in food

[]typepad To glimpse at dinners past look into the The Deipnosophists. Written in the second century during Roman times, Athenaeus, the author, used a dinner among friends as a setting to discuss matters literary, philosophical and culinary. At one point one of his guests challenges:

My friend, a great deal has been said already
By many men on the art of cookery
So either tell me something new yourself
Unknown to former cooks, or spare my ears

The Ideas in Food blog from chefs Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa would meet the challenge from Deipnosophists. They are prolific (the site image is half a month of postings) and there is novelty in every post. The cooking is cutting edge, adopting techniques from molecular gastronomy and the food industry. Occasionally there is a recipe, more often inspiration. My first experience with molecular gastronomy (before I even knew the label) was at Clio in Boston, where Alex and Aki once worked. The food at Clio was wonderful, and so are the posts (and I am sure the food) from Ideas in Food.