Great summer workshops are one of the perks of academia. Some of these workshops become the gathering place for the influentials of a field. The workshops at Cold Spring Harbor defined DNA science. So it is with the workshop on molecular gastronomy at Erice. This small medieval village in Sicily is the home of the Ettore Majorana Centre, which hosted the first meeting on molecular gastronomy. Organized then by Nicholas Kurti and today by HervĂ© This, the workshop bring together the who’s who of the field every two to three years.

Martin Lersch is one of those lucky attendees. He started his web site while at the University of Oslo and we are lucky that he has kept it online even after he left academia. Along with the blog, there are many static pages on the science of cooking: reading lists, history, and more. Besides molecular gastronomy, Martin often writes on flavor pairings, and is the creator of the TGRWT food blogging event.