Mysterious metal taste

For two weeks I had a strange metallic taste in my mouth. It was very strong in the morning, like having an aluminum spoon in my mouth. If I ate a piece of bread or drank a glass of milk, they tasted bitter. Food tasted unpleasant. I had lost the joy of taste!

I Googled it and most sites relate the metallic taste to gum problems, but I had just been checked by the dentist. The only other thing I could think of was that I had eaten tuna sushi at a new restaurant the night before I developed the metal taste. Maybe I had gotten a strange bacteria living in my mouth. Extra flossing, Listerine, and brushing did not get rid of the taste. Two weeks went by and the taste would not go away. At the supermarket I saw one of these new yogurts with probiotic cultures, consumed the whole thing in two days and the taste was gone. It’s been gone for a week now.

Does this make any sense?