Q&A site

I’ve been having fun at a new food and cooking question and answer web site modeled on the the very successful stackoverflow site. The site claims to be in beta, but it is already very polished with a few hundred questions available for browsing. The site is well designed and right now, ad free.

To help control spam and trolls, the site has a reputation system, where users that have contributed most to the site get higher reputation scores and are granted editing privileges. Questions with very subjective answers are discouraged and may be closed to answers. Asking for the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies may be discouraged, but how to get those cookies high and soft would be OK.

You may post questions without registering, but you need to register to answer.

logo for the food and cooking site

The answers cannot be too long, it’s just not the site’s style, so often users point to some food blog for a more detailed explanation. As an example, these are some of questions I have answered:

The questions present all sorts of research issues and experiments. I have spent too many hours tracing the history of the use of volumes instead of mass measurements in American recipes. And I still have not figured out a good way to roast zucchini.


The original version of this post incorporates corrections suggested by hobodave, one of cooking.sx’s longtime users.